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NOTICE is pretty much meant to be a laugh and a crack up your butt early in the morning when you sleepily check into office and read your emails. Take everything I say on this website with a pinch of salt because I am just an insignificant individual trying to find a small spot in this world where I can lay my sleeping bag. There are some morons out there who are dumb enough to take the things I say on too seriously and you never know but you might be that moron someday. It's only a matter of time before I will post something which you might disagree and feel compelled to respond. So please read the following...


  • may sometimes contain material offensive or inappropriate to the human eye, human mentality or to your over-protective parents. You are hereby requested to refrain from accessing't read) if you are easily offended by swear words, ridiculous opinions, sexual innuendos, political criticism, personal opinions which are ethically, ethnically or geographically inclined.

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    2. to shut down at any time. However, every effort will be made to provide an early notice if, God forbid, that day should ever come.

    3. to ban any individual IP address or IP addresses originating from a country or region of the world, for any amount of time. Please behave or you will find yourself on that ban list.


  • The recommended age group for viewing this website is 18 and above.

  • Never assume that what I am on is what I am in real life.

  • If you have nothing nice to say, shut your gap.

  • encourages you to exercise discretion while browsing the Internet using this directory. Don't do anything you think you shouldn't do or lay your eyes upon. And keep that zipper closed.

  • You can give me your opinions or comments because you are entitled to one, just as I am. I like different perspectives so if yours happen to contradict mine, please make it constructive and only to inform me. Please remember that my opinions are a manifestation of my own life experiences, not yours.

  • Don't shove what you think is right or wrong down my throat because I will bite! If you take a hostile approach, I will reply in a hostile manner.

  • If you are a boyband lover, an absolute wanker, a person who is of a conservative nature, self-centered, childish, an insensitive prick or an oversensitive primadonna - STAY OUT.

  • And as for others not mentioned above, this is MY website and I say what I want to say, how I want to say it, when I feel like saying it and why I want to say it is totally up to me. If you cannot accept/respect that, then with all due respect, please.......FUCK OFF.

Dudes and dudettes, thank you very much for reading. Oh by the way - musicians, geeks, nudists, tech freaks, surfers, sea turtles, porn stars, Hugh Hefner, backpackers, snowboarders, Emmanuelle Beart, hackers, hobbits, naturalists, naughty girls, g-strings and MILFs are most welcome!