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  • What is this website about?
    Every person needs a channel to free their frustrations, expressions and emotions. Some people go shopping, some people take it out on other people, some people take it out on themselves(stupid mofos), some sing the blues, some people get high and fly.... I use this website to "blog".

  • What is a blog?
    A blog is an Internet short form for web-log( In a literal sense, it is an "online journal"....or basically, a diary that is online. is the blog and my online identity is Ripcord. I own this website and I am currently the only author writing entries/updates. I try to write an entry and post it on this blog at least once a week. The monthly calendar on the right keeps track of the days I posted an entry (highlighted in yellow).

  • How do I participate?
    For every entry update I make(or post), you can leave your comments below that entry but your name and email address is required. No membership forms to fill, no other details required. If you want to send me a personal message, fill in the Contact Form and it will fire off an email to me. If you just want to let me know you came by, sign the Guestbook because I check it every once in a while. Try to sign the guestbook if you can because it's nice to know who my readers are. You can also subscribe to the mailing list by submitting your email address and a notice will be sent to you everytime I make an entry update. The mailing list submission box is on the right navigational bar and the service if FREE!

  • How do I remove myself from the mailing list?
    Unfortunately, this process is not automated. You would have to fill in the Contact Form and send me a message requesting to be removed from the list. I will delete your email address without delay.

  • Do you have any policies on email addresses?
    Don't worry, I do not harvest emails and sell them to third parties. I have better things to do with my time and more importantly, I hate spam as much as you do. Your email is only used to correspond directly between and you.

  • Why the hell would you want to write in a blog and let the whole world read?
    Because I am bored to death, you prick. You'd be amazed how many people hangout on the Net and read these kinda stuff. Besides that, it's an excellent method for me to keep record of events, issues, my travels and basically, anything that is happening in my life.

  • What are "Archives" and "Recent Entries"?
    In "Archives", the old entries I posted are located there and it can be listed by the entry titles, by the month, by the countries from which I posted entry updates and by the few entries that I highlighted that might be interesting to read. If you are new to this blog, you might want to check out the highlighted entries to get an idea of what to expect if you continue reading this blog. "Recent Entries" is where the latest 10 entries I posted over the last couple of weeks are located.

  • What is Mindriot? I see it mentioned a couple of times all over your blog.
    Mindriot is what this blog used to be called until I had problems with webhosting and lost my whole website! Then I changed the name to If you are a blogger, my advice is don't waste any time - backup your blog NOW. Read what happened to Mindriot in an old post I made here.

  • Are you a web designer?
    I am not a web designer by profession but I have been involved in web designing for some time now out of interest and determination.

  • How did you build this website?
    With a lot of blood, sweat and tears!!! I say this because this website might be considerably easy to build depending on your experience in web design, but I started from scratch without any knowledge and I had no help from anyone at all. This website was built using Javascript, Cascading Style Sheets(CSS), some MySQL, HypeText Markup Language(HTML), Dynamic HTML, Perl/CGI, PHP and I used Macromedia's Dreamweaver for administrative purposes. I used resources from all over the Internet to configure different parts of the website. I use a CGI-run application called Movable Type to maintain the blog.

  • Will you design a website for me?
    Generally, no. But if you show me how good you are at shagging sheep, I might reconsider. You might be able to persuade me using certain incentives. =)

about the author

  • Who are you?
    I'm a Malaysian of a Chinese ethnic background - but that's just history. I have been mistaken many times for a Japanese, Malay, Korean and this once when someone thought I was Indian(?).

  • Where do you reside?
    Pretty undefined at the moment. At this moment(July 2003), I am based in Malaysia. I've been travelling/moving around for a while. Whenever I go somewhere, I'd try to stay for a while...maybe from a couple of weeks to a few months? Hanging and partying with my friends who are usually the local people of that country is something I truly appreciate. Read the blog and you'll be updated on my whereabouts.

  • How do you pay for your trips?
    Read these past 2 entries I made -
    20th November 2003 and 4th April 2004.

  • So tell me about some of your travels.
    Europe has been pretty interesting for me and despite the fact that I still haven't got to see it inside out, in every country, its a pretty expensive place to hangout! And being a Malaysian, finance is always a major obstacle. So after being based in England for 2.5 years(including the year I went to university), I decided that I should try to concentrate only on countries with good surf. Besides good waves, I also mean cheap living expenses, friendly locals and WARM WATER so I can surf butt-naked without a restrictive wetsuit! I'm quite tired of having a glow-in-the-dark bum. I've also been to China, Singapore, Thailand, etc. But being someone from Asia, I can't expect anything dramatically different from these countries. If you have the time, you should click on the photo album link on the right and check out my collection.

  • Are there any trips in the making?
    I am currently in Malaysia and I am on the brink of heading to Indonesia because the surfing season there just started about a month ago. Maybe Sri Lanka or South Africa in the future?

  • You mentioned what are you educated in?
    I studied Business Administration and Management Information Systems.

  • What else are you into?
    Throughout the times, I've noticed that music, surfing, computers, girls, investments, and having fun(i.e.cliff jumping, skinny dipping - but not with guys though, skydiving, etc.)....these are the interests that have still got the ability to grab me by the balls at times.

  • So what are some of the things you like?
    Likes : the sky, the ocean, smell of rain, 10 mins before a thunderstorm, birds and the bees, hammocks, lying on the beach under a million stars, g-strings on a tight ass, Pearl Jam, open spaces, Europe in the summer, blowjobs(which guy doesn't?), ocean blue eyes, Internet, the way your heart beats after an amazing ride on a perfectly peeling wave, Soundgarden, a dash of philosophy, snow trickling down my spine, laying on the ground catching the soft warm feeling of her fresh clean hair falling all around me, globalisation & free markets, turtles, Mom's cooking.

  • Any dislikes?
    OH YES - ludicrously incompetent and useless scumbag drivers, hypocrites, that fat bitch that thinks she's God's gift to men what's her name....Jennifer Lopez, dishonesty, fanatism, mental games, music manufactured by faggot boybands, Celine Dion(because she sounds like a hyena), arrogance, screwing up, junk or forwarded mail, agony, Britney Spears, being caught without a condom, TM Net(or TM nit-wits), being held under by a crashing wave.

  • What would you say if I wanted to copulate with you?
    Errr...*trying to be tactical*............bring your sister too?

  • Really? Honey, y' make me wet.
    Well baby, you can either slide on over or mop it up.

  • Have you nothing else to say?
    Carpe diem!!!

surfing in malaysia

  • Are there any surfable waves in Malaysia?
    Yes. The size during peak season is usually fun, shoulder to head high waves and it can get up to double overhead sometimes. Not kidding.

  • Where do I find information about surfing in Malaysia?
    There are no officially known Malaysian bodies, organisations or websites involved in surfing as Malaysia is a relatively unknown destination for surfers. However, the people who surf in Malaysia are just a handful and we are all friends with a common interest. There is a lot to discover and surfing in Malaysia is very much undeveloped. You can email me for information and I will see what I can do. Use the Contact Form on the contact page.

  • When is the surfing season in Malaysia?
    The monsoon season.