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    If you have been reading this website for some time, I hope you enjoy my posts. Running this website takes a heck of a lot of effort, time and money. So, if ever you're wondering how you can contribute, here are the things you can do for me in return :-

  • For the single guy
    Pledge your first sports car to me.

  • For the single girl
    Pledge me a blowjob. In return, I'll give you a grading and maybe some tips on how to make a guy see stars in under 3 minutes.

  • For the married man
    You're damaged goods. So the best you can do is to make the best of it. What I suggest is to stop seeing that mistress of yours, go home to your wife and flatter her, respect her, caress her, excite her, cuddle her, fascinate her, spoil her, kiss her, hug her, tease her, pamper her, console her, adore her and worship the ground she walks on.

  • For the married woman
    Suck your husband's cock. He'll do all the above for you.

  • For other bloggers
    Link me.

  • For everyone else
    There are 3 ways in which you can contribute either one. Choose whichever suits you best! -

    1. Sponsorship. The best option for me would be for you to find me a sponsor! Throw a dart on a world map and I'll go there....if I am sponsored. I'm willing to go to any corner of the world even though it might send me into oblivion! =) I wish I can keep on travelling and blogging as I go along to help you see the world through my eyes but I cannot go on like this forever because my father is not Bill Gates. If you know of any potential sponsors(companies, philanthropists, tv/radio stations or any filthy rich individual) who might be interested to invest in this idea, send them my way. Or get them to take a look at

    2. Propaganda. This is probably the most ideal thing you can do. As much as I like blogging, boring the guts out of you and letting you know how much of an idiot I can be at times, periodically it gets really disheartening to see a measly amount of people visiting the website. I need to hear feedback from you, encouragement to keep blogging on. I'm trying my best to not sell out this blog by subscribing it to traffic generators where in return, I would have to stick one of their logos on Moreover, nothing makes me happier than to hear feedback from you telling me that you found out about through word of mouth. Hits on is worth its weight in gold to me. Forward this web address - to everyone on your mailing list. Tell your family, your cousins, your cousins' families, all your friends, colleagues and every idiot you meet on the street about Keep in mind that I sometimes swear openly.

    3. $$$???. The final option involves a cash donation of any amount - I feel really bad about even mentioning the word cash so try your best NOT to use this option. However, if you do, you'll be making a happy man out of me! I thought hard about asking but the reality of the fact is...I'm jobless. I'm not completely useless but just an intentionally jobless dude trying hard to live out his dream. I'm paying everything on my own at the moment - my trips, internet access, investment in equipment, etc. So, any amount will be greatly appreciated. But if you are skint, forget about it because I know how it feels like to be penniless.