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If you are relatively new to and you want to get a 'feel' of my blog, read these archived entries that I have highlighted :-

Massage - an entry posted while on an island trip in Thailand
Lost My Nokia In Ikea - guys like me don't deserve a mobile phone
Airline Crack - venting my anger at the airlines
Left Behind - on how I missed my train to Thailand
A Crab Touched My Ass - animals like me a lot
Comeback - after some unbelievable experiences in Indonesia
Disappointment - couldn't get to the top of Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand
No More Mr.Nice Guy - losing my patience after being taken for granted
Shitty Experience - a whole lotta shit going on in Lombok, Indonesia
A Prayer For Andrew - loss of a good buddy
French Kiss - stopover in Brunei
About Mr.Coleman - the retirement of my travel companion
Syrian Haircut - musings from London, United Kingdom
Ice Sauna - jumped into an ice lake in Finland
Dark Side Of Paradise - being victimised
Pissed On - ever pissed on anyone?
8 Kilograms - my first weight check in years
Close Call - close encounter with a ladyboy(she-man)
Could Have Been - when Cupid strikes, I become dreamy...
Waste No Food - In London, I am such a good cook!
Mon Cherie Babette - Falling in love with my car...

Well, what do you think? =) The entries above are just a few that have been hand-picked by me and I tried my best to choose a variety based on different moods and situations. If there are any entries that you feel should be up there too, please let me know. Any feedback would be appreciated! So, use the Contact Form and let me hear what you have to say.

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