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4 May 2008

Design Capital Of The World

Location : Turin, Italy.

An old friend from Malaysia dropped by for a visit!!! Mervin is here in this continent and he is doing a trip round several countries, a trip of a lifetime for most Malaysians. After a couple of days in UK, Mervin and I shot off to Turin in Italy! I have 3 main things that I need to do while I am here :-

  • Catch up with Silvia and friends
  • Eat so much gelati ice cream till I explode
  • See the Turin Shroud

Its so good to be able to catch up with Silvia again, she looks as healthy and happy as she has always been, always smiling and always positive. Thanks to Silvia, she found a reasonable hotel at an excellent location for us. Hotel Doria is only 45, compared to most other hotels which are 60 upwards for a location right in the city center. This made it a heckuva lot easier to walk to the tourist spots and piazzas scattered around the city. The budget hotel does not have a website but the contact details are :-

Hotel Doria
Via Accademia Albertina n42
10123 Torino
2 Piano
(A 200 m. dalla Stazione Porta Nuova)
Tel. 00-39-0118390601

Location on Google Maps :-

View Larger Map

Really, the hotel is in a great location, about 200 meters from the central train station and about a 5 minutes walk to anywhere - the pubs, squares, museums, etc. And the price of a room won't break your pocket!

We also bought a Torino Card which provided free access to most tourist sites and transportation for a mere 18(2 days). What a deal! This is not a surf trip so we have been proper tourists. The weather has also been bloody amazing, sunny, warm - not a cloud in sight!

L-R : Silvia, Silvia and Claudio
My Italian friends
Mervin and me being local
Fountain near Piazza San Carlo

Since this was purely a tourist trip, I tried hard at being one! I visited the second largest Egyptian museum in the world, right here in Turin :-

Unwrapped mummy at Museo Egizio
Egyptian flip-flops
Think I've got better flip-flops...

Turin was the host for the last Winter Olympics and also voted the World Design Capital for the year 2008 :-

Logo for World Design Capital
World Design Capital logo
At a midieval castle
One big happy family
L-R : Me, Claudio, Silvia, Merv

Finally, we all visited Basilica di Superga which is a really old church sitting on top of a hill. This is also the spot where a place carrying the Torino A.C. football club of 1949 crashed, killing everyone on board which is what is now known as the Superga Air Disaster.

Top of the station hill of Basilica di Superga
Johnny Knoxville wannabe
'Japanese' trigger-happy cameraman and Silvia
At the top of Mole Antonelliana
Inside Basilica di Superga
The dome of Basilica di Superga
I only have time to read the papers in the toilet
Offloading at Museo Nazionale del Cinema

The last thing we checked out as tourists was the Museo Nazionale del Cinema from where you can find all history of film-making, which is located at the bottom of Mole Antonelliana. While at the cinema museum, there was a set piece that allowed a visitor to be part of the movie Matrix. And well, you know me...I couldn't resist the shot at being a my movie clip(8.75MB). Turn on your volume. =)

It's been a while since I've done a trip as a proper tourist and let me tell ya, it is NOT EASY. Probably more tiring than a shopping trip or a surf trip. But the benefit of doing it anywhere in Italy is the ICE CREAM. Yum's been 6 years since my last full on, proper Italian ice cream and I miss it so much. I even dream about it sometimes. Mervin has gone on to travel around Europe for a while and I will be going back to beautiful UK and work my awesome, sexciting job as a systems engineer. Woooppeeeeeeeeee!!!

Posted by Ripcord at May 4, 2008 05:35 PM



Posted by: Tim at May 27, 2008 04:45 AM

you're a much better actor than that canoe reeves fella !

Posted by: paolo at May 28, 2008 08:18 PM

hi dude, i loved turin.. didnt see much but bars.. ;o)

not the same when you live and work in a location..

nice to see you are blogging .

Posted by: justin at May 30, 2008 08:41 PM

paolo : u my friend!!! :)

justin : unfortunately, i'm going to stop blogging...(read latest entry)

Posted by: Ripcord at June 1, 2008 10:39 PM