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7 December 2007

Thrifty Shopper

Location : Reading, England.

So recently, it dawned on me that what I thought were my winter clothing was actually not winter clothing at all. They were more like summer-ish sorta jackets. Now I know why I've been freezing my butt off these last coupla years! Hence, I have decided to buy bits and pieces of winter clothing here and there, only when they are dirt cheap because I'm economically challenged at the moment. I am generally not too much of a fashion conscious kinda guy but I do buy some new clothes every couple of years, especially when the material starts to rip because they make me look like a homeless dude exposing his crown jewels. (By the way, just for the record, yes I DO have a pink shirt). And whenever I shop for clothes, I normally do it over a few months because you can never really buy everything you need at one go. For example, the last time I bought new clothes was between November 2002 till January 2003! I'm only starting to shop again now because my beloved Levi's are starting to rip...

A few weeks ago, I bought a sort of "business overcoat", the kind that a lot of office people tend to wear. Pretty generic but ahh heck, better than nothing at all - it was going pretty cheap at 48 considering most coats like these are around 150 and above!

Then I started thinking...shit, I'm gonna need a scarf too. So I started looking around on the auction website eBay and I spotted this nice scarf from John Rocha, some designer brand from the Debenhams chain of departmental stores. For a whole week, I was impatiently watching that scarf which was going at 1.80 on eBay. Concurrently, I had also been "eyeing" an orgasmic scarf of the same make/brand at Debenhams that cost 20 new but I felt that was too much to pay for a scarf, no matter how orgasmic they make me. So, I was pinning my hopes on the eBay scarf.

In the last half an hour before the eBay auction ended, the price of that scarf rose from 1.80 to 10 and I thought...well, that's still more economical than Debenhams. In the last ONE MINUTE before the auction ended, the price went up to...guess? 27 bloody pounds!!!! Which is more expensive than a brand new scarf of the same make at Debenhams! Where is the sense in that?! Lesson learnt - eBay isn't always cheaper. And the bidders can be really stupid.

Disappointed with the outcome, I thought...fuck it, I went to Debenhams the next day at lunchtime, hellbent on buying that orgasmic scarf at 20. Then, I found out that Debenhams was on sale with most items at 20% discount - even more orgasmic! Hooray, that's only 16 for the scarf so I picked it up, went across to the cashier. The girl at the counter scanned the scarf and then she said "TEN POUNDS please". Then I finally had an orgasm. Yeah babbbyyyyy!!! All that gradual eye candy, cheeky teases, foreplay and culminating explosion was SO gratifying!

For the 3 days(only) of the Debenhams sale, I was behaving like a demon possessed, going to Debenhams at every lunchtime to look through almost everything in the mens department - I needed another pair of slacks as I only had one with me to use. After scrummaging through about a hundred pairs of slacks, I came across one of my exact size, hidden away in the corner of the store. No price tag. It was made of wool and viscose, enough to keep my nether region warm throughout winter. I went to try it out and when I checked the price at the counter, the guy behind the counter called his supervisor and they scanned the pants again at another cashier machine. They told me that the price was...only 4.50? But they said just to be sure, they will check the price one more time in the office. Off they went. When they finally came back, they congratulated me on the find because it was the cheapest pants they had ever sold as it really was 4.50! Haha!

So I've had a bit of luck shopping and I'm gearing up for the post-Christmas sales as there will be discounts of up to 80% in central London!!! Gosh, I feel like such a chick. I better start working on my fitness again because shopping is very exhausting. Someone please lock my credit card away! It will be mad but it will be good. I've seen it get so mad during post-Christmas sales that people started trying out clothes in public because the queues at the changing rooms were just too long!

Anyway, I had the disc brakes and pads of my car replaced a few days ago and it cost me a friggin' 290. So much for the tiny little bit I saved by being a stupid, thrifty shopper. It sucks to be poor. Can someone please tell me the winning numbers of the next draw for the National Lottery?

Posted by Ripcord at December 7, 2007 02:32 AM


Congrats on the clothing buys. Who says life in the UK is expensive ? U just need to look at the right places I guess....

However, 290 for the disc brakes and pads of the car sounds a bit on the high side compared to MY or SG unless u really had to replace the 'DISCS' themselves & not just the pads which to me seldom happens.

Anyways, monsoons rolled in. Strong winds at the East Coast. Floods everywhere but dunno whether its gonna reach the scale like late 2006 & early 2007. We'll find dat out by X'mas.

Also another forum for you to check on surfing developments in Malaysia & Singapore:

Cheers & happy freezing..........

Posted by: nas of singapore at December 8, 2007 01:33 AM

hey nas!

thanks for the update man - will definitely check out the forum. at least once every week, i think about how nice it would be if i could be in the east coast and catch...just one wave. so any update is welcome news for me.

yeah, i had to replace the discs itself, pads, ABS bearings and ABS rings. damn siong!

Posted by: Ripcord at December 8, 2007 12:18 PM

LOL... you sounded like a girl there. May I introduce to you the Shopaholic series? I think you would like these books.

Posted by: odrii at December 11, 2007 02:33 PM


ha the nickname stuck. it's been more than a year since we hoked up and life's been good for u according to your blogs :) i've left maldives and am currently working in Japan (Kabira). do swingby for a wave when u have time k?

hugs, jin

Posted by: kelvina at December 18, 2007 05:04 AM

4, 19, 26, 27, 39, 44.
Now you have to play them just in case you tempted fate and it payed you a call...


(what if..?)

Posted by: Someone else at December 23, 2007 11:17 PM

Can I say congratulations on being the first guy I've come across who has discovered the joy, thrill, sheer PLEASURE of--not just shopping!

Missed you at the King of the Point surf contest in Cherating =)

Posted by: Lydia at December 29, 2007 02:47 PM

odrii : no more shopping for me. i spent a fortune(by my low standards) over christmas!

kelvina : still with club med?

raph : ok, i'm gonna buy that number.

lydia : not coming back to malaysia this monsoon. i heard the waves haven't really been pumpint this year either?

Posted by: Ripcord at January 22, 2008 01:09 AM

yup still with club med. still work in the bar. pretty much the same old me you met couple years back except now i'm infatuated with Barack Obama and Indonesian history :P been following the campaigns and reading Pramoedya for the past weeks. here in Jpn it's really hard to getby with only english. sigh...

keep posting your misadventures. let me know if you wanna dropby maldives while you're in SL. i've got maldivian connection :P

love, jin

Posted by: kelvina at January 27, 2008 03:11 PM