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27 November 2006

Arild & Nimis

Location : Lund, Sweden.


I've been staying at a little bungalow in Arild overlooking the ocean! It's a little bit like Malaysian beach bungalows except there is a lot more luxury in this one - concrete walls, a spacious bedroom, clean bathroom, a little living room! All this at the courtesy of Anna's parents. Never have I magined that Swedish folks could be so warm because I seriously doubt if Malaysians could ever be this warm! They cooked some moose in a traditional Swedish style for my famished tummy, complete with starters, desserts, cheese and biscuits! And Anna's parents were always lively and courteous. This was truly surprising - SO hospitable, warm and inviting!

The little house at Arild

Attic room at Arild

Anna et moi

Statue at Kullaberg

A traditional Swedish starter

Malin et moi

I felt pretty indebted to have been accorded all this comfort. I was prepared to just roll up in a sleeping bag and sleep on a bus stop somewhere although I probably wouldn't wake up ever again(due to the cold) but the hospitality was something I really didn't expect. Thanks Lundgrens! Will send you a postcard from Malaysia.


This is a special place that I visited near Arild, called Nimis. It is a seaside collection of a few tower structures created by an artist using driftwood he collected from the shore and NAILED together! Apparently, it's art. When Anna first told me that it was a bit of a track through the wilderness to get there(1.7km), I thought naaahhhh....what's the use of going through all that trouble just to take a few photographs? Well, what a surprise it turned out to be because I got to behave like the monkey I've always been!

Anna at the entrance
Walk through driftwood

I felt like a boy again

Can I do it?

My little head at the top

"Just did it."


Accomplished Nimis climbers

Of course, despite the fact that I was only wearing a t-shirt and I climbed it barefoot, it was actually friggin' cold and I was being stupid. Well, being barefoot made it much easier to grip the slippery pieces of wood. Climbing Nimis was a piece of cake but the thing was, when I was finally at the top, I could feel the whole tower wobble!!! Now, THAT scared the stinking shit out of me. I started imagining things, like if the tower crumbled and I ended up with wooden stakes sticking out of me. I was only a few days to warm water surf again! Glad I survived. =)

That was the weekend. Today, I head to Copenhagen in Denmark which is a short train ride away(1 hour, about 160 Swedish kronors) for a day trip!!! I will be having a little walk around town, meeting Charlotte(friend residing in Copenhagen) and checking out Tivoli Gardens at night. I won't be posting an entry about it because I just don't have the time! Next time you hear from me will be back in UK or Malaysia. Wheeeeeeeeee.....

I leave Sweden on Tuesday(28th) night, back to London to catch my flight to Malaysia. Apologies to my mates(that means you) if you only found out about me leaving UK through my blog(that means this website) but it has been super hectic with tight schedules surrounding my departure - had to leave my job, then think about my future, sell my car, rent out my room, pack my shit(which took ages), arrange for this quick trip to Sweden then get back to UK with just a 1 day cushion to catch my flight back to Malaysia. All this in a span of 2-3 weeks!

Posted by Ripcord at November 27, 2006 09:22 AM


So I guess you should be back in Malaysia now?

Posted by: brains at November 30, 2006 03:27 AM

hey ed,

m heading to cherating this friday for the weekend, back to penang for the week and back again on the 8th dec weekend..apparently there's a typhoon north of philippines coming m'sia..guess c u in the line up.


Posted by: sam at November 30, 2006 05:08 AM

come on....u come back i cook for you then....come bk also never call...huh...

Posted by: le-n at December 2, 2006 05:49 PM

hi guys, yes i'm back in malaysia! i've been trying to post an update on the net but the internet at home is down at the moment.

Posted by: Ripcord at December 3, 2006 11:46 AM