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2 March 2006 Rocks!

Location : Reading, England.

I swear, is the best shit I've come across on the internet for a long time now! I've been listening to music from Nina Simone to Alice in Chains, all on Pandora! The interface is really user-friendly. The best thing I like about Pandora is the fact that it plays music right off a browser! This frees me from being tied down to the necessity of having an application like Windows Media Player or iTunes on any computer because a browser comes with every operating system these days. No worries about which music file format, like mp3, wma, aac, etc. Browsers don't use much processing power either. Pandora is also excellent for mobility instances because for example, when I was in Ireland recently, I just navigated Brad's computer browser to, login with my username and password and it plays music right away. I don't even have to click on a Play button! All the stations I've ever created appear on the website almost as if I never left my home computer. As long as a user doesn't click on logout, Pandora remembers the computer so the next time you open a browser on the same computer and navigate it to, it will automatically play the same stations you created. Having said all that, Pandora is so much more that just that!

Favourites List
A listener has the option of creating a profile where the listener can pick favourite songs and have them collected in a list on a separate webpage. On that page, you can purchase that one song with one easy click from iTunes Music Store or buy the whole album from Amazon.

Songs you like or dislike
When a song comes around, it's just 2 clicks to submit information about whether you like the song or not. If you like the song, it will be played again in the future and if you don't, it will be removed from the playlist.

Note : The favourites list you create is a different functionality from the songs you like/dislike. The songs you choose to like or dislike affects the choice of songs that are being played to you but the favourites list is just a record of the songs you chose as your favourite.

But of course, nothing's perfect so these are little things I don't like about Pandora :-

  1. I don't own the music files played. Ok, unreasonable I know. =)
  2. No progress bar to allow you to skip to the middle of the song so a listener has to listen to the whole song.
  3. You cannot skip portions of a song but you can skip the whole song. You are also limited to the number of songs you can skip without listening to the whole song. Pandora's streaming music licences won't allow you to skip too many times.
  4. Limited to only English songs, no classical music. There is a Latin version being developed.

However, these dislikes are there because my mindset is thinking of Pandora as a music player when it is actually a radio station of a different kind. These dislikes are of very minimal substantiality compared to the potential that Pandora creates for it's listeners. You see, Pandora attempts to be intuitive to what your music preferences are. It is powered by the Music Genome Project which they claim is the most comprehensive analysis of music ever undertaken. Each song is treated as a totally unique musical performance so there is a higher chance that your preferences will be linked to music you'll like by the song, instead of album, artist or genre! The background of the artist does not matter at all. So, as you listen more and more to Pandora and choose which songs you like and dislike, not only does it cause Pandora to play the song again or not but it will also narrow down your type of music preference by linking characteristics of that song to other songs that sound similiar. Even then, the songs that you chose to like or dislike can be changed at anytime! In short, Pandora is not a radio station that will play random songs based on genres like what most other online radio stations are doing. As long as you state whether you like or dislike a particular song, it will attempt to tune into your frequency, figuratively speaking! So the more you listen to Pandora, the more music you will discover that appeals to you.

I posted an entry about some online radio stations I've come across before. If you haven't tried out yet, you don't know what you're missing out! Almost everyone I have recommended it to has said it is good shit. I currently don't have internet connection at home so I only listen to Pandora at work but it makes me want to get a home connection so I can have free, great quality(128Kbps) and continuously refreshed music playlist streaming in my room all day! No need to change discs or choose a playlist, songs, etc. I can go on and on about it but I'm running out of finger strength to do anymore typing.

To learn more about Pandora, check out Pandora's Frequently Asked Questions page.

Posted by Ripcord at March 2, 2006 06:59 AM


the FAQ says only for the US where it got the license...
meaning if we play it any other place...there might be chances we get caught?

but who cares...

Posted by: zbjernak at March 2, 2006 08:10 AM

oops...i forgot to mention that. =) i'm pretty sure they know that it is open to abuse since it's an internet based service. news will pass by word of mouth, email or blogs like this. if they wanted to limit it to only US intentionally, they could've used reverse IP lookup but they didn't. i'm in the UK and i could still sign up by using a mock US postcode like 90210 or something! =D

Posted by: Ripcord at March 2, 2006 08:43 AM

Yeah, it's a great site. You forgot to mention how they describe songs; if you click on the "why is this song playing" tab, there are great explanations such as:

"Based on what you've told us so far, we're playing this track because it features electric rock instrumentation, mild rhythmic syncopation, major key tonality, a dynamic male vocalist and many other similarities identified in the music genome project...!!!"

Each track has these in depth explanations, I love them!

Posted by: someone else at March 3, 2006 07:48 AM

this website made me NOT CONCENTRATING in work the whole day!!!!!!!!

my partner was wondering where did I get so many nice songs online. buagaahahaha




Posted by: lucy at March 3, 2006 08:49 AM