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2 October 2003

Airline Crack

Location : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I swear one day, when I rule the world, I will make all airlines treat surfers like gold. It took me one whole week to unpack, bit by bit. Today, I finally decide to undress my wife Kelly, and I realised her backside has been cracked wide open. Grrrr.....I feel so much anger and frustration that someone(other than me) violated my wife!!! My heart is filled with sympathy for the circumstances she's been through - no partner of mine should be whipped like that. When she flew from South Africa to England, her nose was chipped and tail dinged. Then she flew from England to Malaysia, the other side of her tail cracked. I fixed it all up and made her look stunningly sexy again - even fitted a tailpad and a noseguard on Kelly. Then when we flew from Malaysia to Bali, she was damaged again but only slightly. Now, the airline we flew from Bali back to Malaysia has left a one inch wide gaping hole in her arse. The baggage handler scums must have swung her hard into the luggage compartment, butt first. And I've only just discovered it, a week later. Oh my poor poor baby.....that one week waiting for me to see her naked must have been unbearable agony for her. I cannot imagine myself sitting around with a gaping butt-crack. I spent the last 5 hours showering tender loving care on my baby. Kelly still looks as hot as hell but I feel funny now after she's been through so much. I just hope she can overcome this traumatic experience and get back on her butt again. She has always made me feel so good when I'm holding her close to me...

Someday I might decide to display her 6'3" gorgeous South African shape on Mindriot.

Posted by Ripcord at October 2, 2003 05:04 PM