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30 August 2003

Shitty Experience

Location : Kuta Beach, Island of Lombok, Indonesia.

Ever since I've been in Indonesia, I've had a bird shit on me, a lizard shit on me, I've seen a man shitting in the fields(yuck), I've ridden my motorcycle over a snake, dog shit, bird shit and I stepped on bullshit. Is this a shitty holiday or what? =)

Luke has been constipating for 4 days now and it was getting him worried about the circumstances 'down under'. Then this morning, he suddenly woke up at 5am in the morning, took a dump and announced "Today is a GOOD day". A good length of 35cm flushed down the toilet bowl and he said he felt about 17 kilograms lighter. He's normally quite a smiley face but today, its been ear to ear, all day. I feel good for my mate especially if he gets to shed 17 kilograms off the weight he's been lugging around!

Today the waves were only about chest high at Mawi. Everywhere else is practically flat. We rented motorcycles again and checked out a couple of surf spots around the whole south-central and south-west coastline - Gerupuk, Tanjung Aan, Ara Guling, Mawun and Mawi. When we headed west of Kuta, the roads climb up and down a few hills and we turned off at this really small road and WOW - it felt as if we have just stepped into paradise! There, in a small secluded bay was a really little community of about 3 or 4 families living in shabby huts along a clean beach with clear bright blue water. On the left side of the bay the swells hit onto the tip of the headland and produce a left wave. On the right side, the same happens but the right waves are longer and more surf-able. This place is called Mawun and it is SO beautiful! Luke, Ryan and me felt awed by the beauty of the place and immediately we're reminded of the movie The Beach because it really does feel like that! The only thing missing is the fields of marijuana grown in the wilds. I really hope to be able to find a home in a place like that someday.....what a dream it was! I've got some pictures of this magical place and I'll try to upload them soon.

We have made the decision to leave Kuta because the swell won't be coming in for the next few days and we're thinking of taking this opportunity to check out the rest of the island. We're gonna head up to Sengigi, then maybe to the Gili Islands, then off to climb Mount Rinjani but again, nothing is ever really planned. For all we know, we might just have a couple more shitty experiences and just head on to Sumbawa?

Posted by Ripcord at August 30, 2003 09:28 PM


Are fond memories that little story brought back. Raph you should remember the shit that would not flush. It was a monster, we had had nothing to eat but these fantastic pizza's for day's at the snowboard championships in austria, and I had not needed the toilet either, then one day it was unleashed and I physically had to get up and walk forward to lay this one out in their stupid toilets without water. I flushed and flushed but it would not budge and then I decided to share it with the rest of the group.

Posted by: VIRIGN at August 31, 2003 07:31 PM

yo ed, write to me if you can man. not sure if you got my emails. cheerios

Posted by: Jeff at September 4, 2003 06:42 PM

Since we're all sharing shitty stories, here's one:

Once I stayed over at friend's place and she didn't have a toilet brush of any sort so I grabbed a stick of celery (because it was the stiffest, 'disposable' thing I found in the house) from her fridge and shoved that mother of a turd down the pipes.

Don't tell me about bad plumbing. I've had my fair share.

Posted by: grim at September 7, 2003 05:45 AM

one shit story leads to another....

jeff - sorry but which jeff are you? ngau jeff? i went to and it really is nonexistent...then i realised i've been had.

Posted by: ripcord at September 13, 2003 06:29 PM